Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer in Delhi

Criminal Lawyer in Delhi

Delhi's Top Attorney A criminal lawyer is a legal practitioner who focuses on defending people or organisations accused of committing crimes. They are also known as criminal defence attorneys. Criminal defence attorneys represent their clients and fight for their rights in court, which is a critical function of criminal lawyers in the criminal justice system. The following are some essential duties and functions of a criminal attorney:

Legal Guidance: Criminal defence attorneys advice and counsel their clients with the charges against them, the possible outcomes, and their legal rights.

Investigation: The facts surrounding the case of their client are looked into by criminal defence lawyers. This could entail obtaining information, speaking with witnesses, looking over police reports, and, if needed, seeking the advice of experts.

Legal plan: Criminal attorneys create a defence plan appropriate to each case based on their investigation and legal knowledge. They might look into a number of legal defences, including lack of evidence, entrapment, self-defence, and alibi.

Plea Bargaining: To avoid a trial, criminal defence lawyers frequently work with the prosecution to establish a plea agreement in which the defendant enters a guilty plea to a lesser charge or accepts a reduced sentence.

Criminal attorneys provide representation to their clients in court at arraignments, bail hearings, pre-trial motions, and, if required, trial. They provide evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and argue legal points on favour of their clients during the trial.

Jury Selection: To guarantee the selection of unbiased jurors in cases that get to trial, criminal attorneys may be involved in the jury selection process.

Hiring a criminal defence attorney with experience who understands the particular offence and the legal system in your area is essential when facing criminal charges. When choosing a criminal defence attorney, it's critical to carefully evaluate aspects like expertise, reputation, and compatibility with your requirements and goals as these can have a big impact on the outcome of a criminal case.