Civil Lawyer

Civil Lawyer in Delhi

Civil Lawyer in Delhi

Delhi Civil Lawyer Are you trying to find the top Delhi lawyer for a civil case? There's nowhere else to look! A civil lawyer, often called a civil litigation lawyer, is an expert in settling civil lawsuits involving people, companies, organisations, or governmental bodies. Civil law handles cases in which one party sues another for money, damages, or other remedies. With years of experience defending clients in a range of civil cases, our Delhi attorney can guarantee that they get the greatest legal counsel.

Services Provided:

• Personal harm: Medical malpractice, product liability claims, automobile accidents, slip & fall incidents, and other situations involving personal harm are handled by our skilled civil attorneys.
• Contract Disputes: We help customers settle disagreements about the terms of contracts, violations of contracts, or non-performance of agreed-upon work.
• Family Law: Divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, and adoption are among the family law issues that our top Delhi advocate addresses.
• Real Estate: We offer legal support for real estate transactions, landlord-tenant conflicts, and property disputes.

• Employment legal: Our group represents clients in labour legal matters, discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and employment disputes.
• commercial Disputes: We manage a range of commercial conflicts, such as those involving contracts, intellectual property, partnerships, and shareholders.
• Debt Collection: We can help with debt collection, settlement, or bankruptcy proceedings whether you're a creditor or debtor.
• Torts: Defamation, carelessness, fraud, battery, and assault are among the situations that our attorneys handle.
• Property Disputes: We settle conflicts involving encroachments, easements, property rights, and property damage.
• Probate and Estate Planning: We offer legal support for estate planning, probate procedures, wills, and trusts.


Important Services Of Civil Lawyer

  • ·         Civil Lawyer for Online legal services and legal advice
  • ·         Expert team for all legal services with precision
  • ·         Civil Injunctions including Permanent and Mandatory Injunctions
  • ·         Expert and qualified advocates for Suit for Declaration
  • ·         Suit for partition and other civil cases
  • ·         Suit for Recovery of money
  • ·         Civil lawyer for Suit Mesne Profits
  • ·         Suit for recovery of civil damages
  • ·         Suit for recovery of possession
  • ·         Civil defamation suit
  • ·         Filing and defending of Civil Appeals before High Court and Supreme Court.
  • ·         Excellent civil lawyer for civil Revisions, FAO, RSA and all such petitions.
  • ·         Filing and defending of Execution proceedings for execution of civil decrees and all the related proceedings.
  • ·         Supreme Court lawyer for Transfer Petition (TP) before Supreme Court of India for transfer of case from one     state to another.
  • ·         Breach of contract matters arising out of business and commercial transactions.
  • ·         Enforcement of contract, enforcement of Arbitration Agreement matters.
  • ·         Specific Performance matters.
  • ·         Recovery of business dues, supply chain disputes, damages arising out of loss of goods.
  • ·         Civil law advises on all civil law matters by team of highly qualified and expert Indian Civil Lawyer.
  • ·         Online legal advice and legal services for civil laws for quick and easy resolution of civil disputes.
  • ·         All types of Contingent Civil Matters including Mortgage laws.
  • ·         All types of property dispute matters.
  • ·         Drafting and vetting of all types of online Legal Documents related to contracts, agreements, sale and     purchase, transfer, assignment of property or auction able rights.
  • ·         IPR, Copyright and Patent disputes involving civil laws, enforcement of rights.

Why Choose Us:

• Experience: With a wealth of knowledge, we offer specialised legal services catered to your need.

• Dedication: We're devoted to helping our clients get the greatest results possible.

• Client-Centric Approach: We guarantee to give your case individualised attention because your pleasure is our top priority.

• Round-the-clock Support: Our staff is available to respond to your questions and issues as soon as possible.